Poplar Trees

Chinese Necklace Poplar

Chinese necklace poplar is a deciduous tree that is native to Central China. It belongs to the genus Populus lasiocarpa. Chinese necklace poplar is notable for its striking stem color, catkins, foliage and its hairy stems. The foliage is bright green with red veins and leaf stalks. Chinese necklace poplar is a medium tree. It grows up to 20 metres tall and 12 metres wide. It’s shape is desribed as conical. The leaves are almost heart shaped. This poplar produces flowers during early spring.

Chinese necklace poplar is a hardy tree with a strong and distinct shape. It grows into a large and dominant tree. Chinese necklace poplar is considered a rapid growing tree. It will do great in moist soil conditions. The soil must be well drained. It perfers full sun and must be spaced out from another trees. Poplar trees usually have vigorous root systems and shouldn’t be planted close to drains and house foundations because it may cause a lot of damage. They should also not be planted close to another trees because of their extended root systems.

Chinese necklace is a hardy perennial. The flowers are arranged in a racemose catkin inflorescence and look best in autumn, spring and summer. This poplar is considered as a beautiful but unique garden tree. It is commonly planted for its attractive foliage and as arhitectural tree, but also as a specimen or as an accent plant. Chinese necklace poplar must be protected from canker, rust and catterpillars.

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