Poplar Trees

Different Types Of Poplar Trees

Poplar trees belong to the gunes Populus. Aspens and cottonwoods, all memebers of the willow family Salicaceae alos belong to the genus Populus. There are around 35 different species of Populus. At least 6 of them are commonly known as poplars in the United States. These trees grow quickly. Their leaves are oval to traingular shape.

Poplars loose their foliage in winter. Poplar trees are known to form extensive root systems which can reach miles away from the tree. Their root system can damage buildings if it’s too close to the tree.
White poplar is a tall tree with spreading canopy. It grows from 70 to 130 feet tall and 30 to 50 feet wide. This species is native to northern coastal Africa eastward across western and central Russia into southewestern Sibera. Another well known poplar is called Balsam Poplar. It’s native to North America and grows up to 100 feet talland 25 feet wide. Gray Poplar is native to Europe and is a natural hybrid between the European aspen and white poplar. It grows 100 feet tall and spsreads up to 50 feet wide. Some old gray poplars can grow up to 160 feet tall. Hybrid Carolina Poplar is a result of crossing between black poplar and eastern cottonwood. It grows from 80 to 100 feet tall.
Black Poplar, Japanese Poplar, Chinese Necklace Poplar, Tulip Poplar are just some of well known poplar trees. Poplar trees are large trees with spreading canopy. They look amazing when planted on open fields.

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