Poplar Trees

White Poplar

White poplar is also known as Abele, Silver Poplar or Silverleaf Poplar. It is a species of poplar trees (Populus), which are closely realated to aspens and cottonwoods. White poplar trees are native from Spain and Marrocco, through Germany and Poland to central Asia. It usually grows in moist soils, by watersides in regions with hot summer and mild winters.

White poplaris a medium sized deciduous tree that can grow up to 27 meters tall, and has a trunk up to 2 meters diameter. It’s bark is smooth and greenish-white with diamond shaped dark marks on young trees that make white poplar trees easily identified. It’s leaves are up to 15 cm long, five lobed and have a thick covering of white scurfy. White poplar flowers are around 8 cm long and are produced in early spring. These trees require abundant light and ample moisture. They stand up well to flood water and acidic soils. Their white leaves make them a popular ornamental trees.

White poplars are very attractive trees in water meadows. It was first introduced to North American in 1748, and it has a long history in cultivation. White poplar can be found in 43 states in the United States. In Connecticut, white poplar is banned because there it is considered weedy and invasive plant. White poplar is crossed with Common aspen resulting in a hybrid tree known as Grey Poplar. It’s a vigorous tree that can grow up to 40 meters tall and 2 m trunk diameter.

Photo By: Simon Carey

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